Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treatment #2

I had my second treatment the other day! It was great. I got on a different machine this time with a fun cooling system. They put this stuff on the area that is much like ultra-sound gel that helps the light from the laser spread evenly and things like that. This other laser machine has a thing that blows out really cold air onto the gel and makes it really cold. This prevents a lot of the pain. It honestly doesn't hurt near as bad as one would think though.

As far as the underarms, there really isn't a lot there. It seems like she gets it done so quickly it doesn't even matter. For the bikini area, the crease of my leg hurts the worst. You can also get the perineal area done if you like, and that can be a "pain in the ass" lol.

I'm loving the treatments more and more. Whenever it feels like it hurts, I just think about how great it will be when I'm all done :D.


angelica zoe said...
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