Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I shaved my bikini area again, and it sucked. I'm trying to shave it like I want it to end up after all my treatments, because you have to shave it before each treatment anyway. I also want to keep it the same way because it isn't like they will remember EXACTLY where the line is where you want the hair to stop.

I just get SUCH bad razor burn it's ridiculous. It hurts so bad to even walk or wear underwear (since they press in the creases of my legs where the skin is very sensitive and gets a lot of razorburn).

I don't understand how women do it! I mean, even right after you shave, you really can't get it all. It grows a little oddly, not as simple as leg hair, and there is pretty much always some stubble left. That isn't pretty, nor does it feel good to you or anyone else. But razorburn might look even worse.

Any shaving or hair stories ladies?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progress Pictures!

Here we go readers! My first progress picture. I know it really isn't exciting yet, but we have to start somewhere.

This is a picture exactly one day after shaving. It has been maybe 5 weeks since my first treatment. In the picture, there is absolutely no stubble yet, but you can really see the hair shadow. Actually, in the middle there is a funny fuzz blanket hair or something...totally not mine lol. There is also a little razor burn, which is normal for me. I'm excited about the future with no razor burn. It's painful and ugly!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Wanted You to Know

I made a post for people to come check out my blog in The Coffee Shop and a few people said it sounded like an advertisement. I really really want to express that this is not an advertisement. I really and truly just want to tell people what laser hair removal is really like, good and bad. I was really afraid to get it done because I didn't know anyone who had had it done that I could trust and really ask. I swear to you readers, I will answer any questions you have truthfully and fully to the best of my abilities. I'm in this to spread the word and share my journey.

Monday, January 4, 2010

LHR Pictures!

I thought it would be fun to add some pictures. I'll do my best to add some of my own soon too.
This dude, if you can read the post-its, is almost completely done after his second treatment. Amazing!
Here is an underarm shot. You can't even see the hair shadows...because they aren't there!! :D :D :D

Treatment #1

So after my first treatment on my underarms and extended bikini, I can already tell a little difference. Since I had the trial treatment on sort of the upper/top/front bikini area, it's the second one there. I think it's growing a good bit slower. As far as the underarms, I can absolutely tell a difference. I usually shave every other day since the stubble is pretty obvious. I have quite pale skin and my hair there is a medium brown. Seeing as though I look at my armpits every other day, when I went to shave them recently (maybe 3 weeks after the treatment when the hairs start showing a change) I immediately noticed they weren't as bad as usual. I waited another day, and then they were at the normal degree of stubble. So that means the hair is growing one day slower. That's already a 50% improvement. I can't wait until I never have to shave again!!

The Beginning!

So I have been thinking about getting laser hair removal for years now...
I have very sensitive,dry skin and am sometimes plagued by having Psoriasis. This makes shaving very difficult for me and always has. I get razor burn EVERY single time, and I really mean that. If you're a woman, then you definitely know that shaving is important. Having a hairy bikini area or underarms is not pretty, but neither is razor burn! It actually gets so bad it often hurts to walk when I shave my bikini area and the razor burn from shaving my underarms makes my lymph nodes swell painfully. I have tried everything I can think of. Just let me list it:

  • Depilatories of many types
  • Abrasion (kind of like sandpaper...yea)
  • Shaving with shaving cream of many types
  • Shaving with gel
  • Shaving with lotion
  • Shaving with conditioner
  • Soaking in a tub before shaving
  • Using a razor burn preventing shaving gel
  • Putting lotion on afterwards
  • Shaving only downward (which leaves stubble and still gives me razor burn)
  • Plucking
  • Waxing
  • Nads...that green stuff like wax
So I finally decided to try laser hair removal when I heard about American Laser Centers on the radio and called for information. They gave me (and offer to everyone) a free trial treatment with no strings attached. I have to say, it was AMAZING. I swear it was actually fun. I felt hopeful that my hair problems might finally be over. I felt excited about the future. I felt liberated!

I signed my life away a couple weeks ago and got my first real treatment since the trial I had done on part of my bikini area. I'm getting "extended bikini" and underarms done. We'll see how this goes!!