Sunday, March 14, 2010


So it's hard to keep this blog active because laser treatments are naturally 8-10 weeks apart. I wanted to share a recent time passer for me though. I have been entering other blogger giveaways and they're absolutely amazing! They're no strings attached, no weird people selling your email, no spam, nothing at all like that. Most of them are celebrations of having a certain number of followers or something like that. They're so much fun to enter!

I have already won two spa products from Melvita that are lovely and a $50 gift certificate to :P. There are so many good giveaways it makes my heart race!!

So here we go!
Nail Polish(one of my hobbies)
* 8 Konad stamping plates - Painted Lady Fingers
* 2 winners and tons of polishes - R3 Daily
* 4 polishes, quick dry, and hand cream - Romika Nails - ends 3/14
* 10 polishes, including 2 flakies :D - Chromatic Misadventures - ends 3/15
* So much nail polish and other makeups I'm going to pass out! - KONADomania - ends 3/21

* Flower stitched and ribbon necklace - Etsy It Up! - ends 3/21
* Earrings and necklace set - Busy Working Mama - ends 3/17

Baby Items
* All sorts of things all through March - Simply Stacie
* Cute colorful snap-clip cloth diaper - Minnesota Mama's Must Haves - ends 3/17

Home Stuff
* Travel candle - The B Keeps Us Honest - ends 3/17
* Environmentally safe cleaning products - The B Keeps Us Honest - ends 3/20
* Adorable apron from Flirty Aprons - Coupon Clippin Mommy - ends 4/18
* Another apron from Flirty Aprons - The Giveaway Diva - ends 4/28


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Thank you for sharing the giveaway with your readers!

P: Rovill said...

This week I finally got a haircut! I have honestly been putting it off for ages because I want it to groooww.. I know I know.. by not cutting it regularly slows down the growth! Anyways I went to my girl Claire who has honestly been cutting my hair since I was 15! If you guys have seen my hair history post.. it was our creative minds that caused me to have some of those wild haircuts/colours. Anyhoo.. I went in and sat down and by now I dont even have to tell her what I want she just does it and booooy does she do it well.

Megweno said...

Coupon Clippin Mommy:
No problem! I love entering giveaways and thought I would try getting others into them as well :).

P Rovill:
I love getting comments, but I really don't understand where yours came from...haha. Care to explain?

Anonymous said...

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don't quit as well as keep penning because it just good worth to read it.
excited to browse through much of your own writing, goodbye!

Megweno said...

Thank you so much! I'm always glad to hear from people. I think you can follow without signing up if you like :).

P. Ropecia said...

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