Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shaving Woes?

Post your shaving woes ladies and gentlemen, because I sure complain about mine a lot.
Another good thing would be to post what helps you shave or remove you do it.

So I shaved again, because I do hate being all...well I think it makes me look bedraggled. I'm stuck between two ugly things: being hairy, and being covered with red bumps and being in pain. I tried shaving very carefully, only with the direction of the hair, only sweeping over one area like twice, etc. I mean the razorburn isn't as bad, but it's still pretty awful.

The way I get through it? Since I haven't found a good way to decrease or eliminate my razorburn...I just think towards the future about the results of my laser hair removal. It does take a while to get there though.


Frank said...

My name is Frank, I wanted to say I like what you said, about focusing on the future,and the results, I believe that visualizing your dreams and results does make a difference, I saw your blog on the coffee shop forum, and Im glad you are sharing your journey,

Louisa said...

What a nightmare!

I find that using a thin layer of hair conditioner on my legs really helps and I spend a fortune on blades so they're always sharp.

I definitely think you're doing the right thing having laser treatment and if I had the money spare, I would blast my legs, armpits and bikini line into submission. A girl can dream...

Megweno said...

Thank you for the kind words Frank. I do appreciate it. Glad to hear that someone finds it interesting, as I don't have many followers.

I have tried using conditioner instead of shaving cream or gel. I find it to be pretty similar. Perhaps I should change my razors more often too. Since last time I shaved my legs it was so awful, perhaps I will get a brand new one and have something to compare it to.

I can't get laser on my legs because my leg hair is blonde. You can get any hair with pigment done though. And honestly, it's not wildly expensive. For my armpits and a pretty serious majority of the bikini area (more than just bikini line) it was....I wonder if I should make you guess haha. In any case, there is no interest for one year. I have paid more than half of it off already and I started in December.

Frank said...

wao congrats to you, already more than half of it,

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