Friday, September 10, 2010


More laser next week.

To be honest I'm really not sure if I'm seeing results. I want to say I have had 4 treatments now, and the best case scenario is 6 to have almost all your hair gone. To give the benefit of the doubt though, I'm not the best candidate to give an example. Laser likes light skin and dark hair the best, because there's a great contrast. The laser targets the pigment in the hair. I have light skin and blonde hair...that means hardly any pigment in my hair.

I hope to see results for real.


Anonymous said...

Curious if laser hair removal hurts?

Megweno said...

I read the first page of your blog. Awesome :). If love to try all those different methods. The PTD sounds promising.

As for laser, yes it does hurt. It wasn't remotely as bad as I expected though. The pretty vast majority of the time I can hardly even feel the laser pulses. When I do feel it, it's usually no big deal. Sometimes it does zing pretty good though. Those ones feel like a bee sting, but the pain only lasts for a split second. Those are more in the sensitive the ones that we women don't speak of hair growing lol. All in all, it's really not that bad, and so worth it. They'll also change the settings for you if you feel like ou cant handle it. The lower it is though, the longer it takes to get it gone. I take the pain like a pro and let them go as high as they can on that thing lol.

FOREVER Laser Hair Removal said...

Just wondering how the rest of your treatments went and if you had any success at all. You mentioned your hair was blond and it doesn't seem like laser hair removal would work at all as there is no pigment in the hair to attract the laser. How did it pan out?

Alica John said...

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